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Address: 2 Exhibition Street, Melbourne 3000
Phone: (03) 9207 7444

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Gosh, I love uni holidays and am definitely trying to make the most of them before I head back for the last semester of my pharmacy course. It has been a looooong time and I definitely can't wait to finish my degree! I am slowly crossing off places on my 'to eat' list but it seems each time I cross off one place, I manage to find another to add!

Last night's dinner was at George Calombaris' Gazi, found on the corner of Exhibition and Flinders Street. We arrived at 6:10pm and were after a table of four. There was a spot already available on the communal table but we said we didn't mind waiting for a normal table to open up. Surprisingly, a table was available to us within 10-15 minutes! The restaurant was quite large but still seemed a little stuffy and crowded and it was also very loud so I wouldn't recommend going here if you want to have a nice deep and meaningful session or heart-to-heart chat with a friend because I can guarantee some sort of miscommunication as well as a sore throat! 

The food menu is extensive, as is their drinks menu. When you think of Gazi food, think "messy Greek street food that matches your drinks". The waiters were lovely but the service was little slow as they were very busy. When our  food finally came out however, I was quite pleased (partly because I was getting very hungry)! Photos of our big fat Greek dinner:

Souvlakakia (Small Souvas) - Beef & Chicken ($8.50)
We didn't really know where the souvlakakia's would fit in with everything else we ordered but we just had to try them! So we treated these as our entree.

Chips - Tiganites patates, oregano, garlic oil feta ($8.50)
Chips and cheese. Enough said.

Corn - Half cob, Aleppo mayo, seeds, kefalograviera ($3.50 each)

Flindres Island Arni Kleftiiko - Slow braised lamb shoulder with pearl cous cous, feta and kalamata olives (for 2) ($56.00)

Far right: Marouli Salad - Iceberg, lemon, olive oil, oregano ($9.50)

Fun fact: What do you see on the plates? Yup, that's an eye. The Greeks believe that the evil eye, known as "mati", wards off evil spirits and misfortune caused by the envy of others.

Probably not the best place to be if you have trypophobia...

We were seated behind a large group of Greeks who stereotypically conversed and laughed very, very loudly. You could tell they were having a great time and their laughter was contagious! My Friday night involved good drinks, good food, good company and a lively atmosphere with a side of laughter. I too, had a great time.

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michalogy said...

Hey Meghan, sweet blog you have here. I enjoyed reading your review on Gazi, it's one of those places definitely toted as a "must eat" in Melbourne. I haven't checked it out, but glad you had a fun time there! and thanks for sharing that fun fact about the eye haha. Looking forward to more posts :)

x Michelle [michalogy]