Spring 2014 Update

Top from Dotti Australia | Shorts from Topshop Malaysia | Daniel Wellington Classic St Andrews Lady Watch | Tiffany & Co Return to Tiffany mini heart tag in sterling silver on bead bracelet | Photos courtesy of JL

Hi there,

I just thought I'd do a quick spring update on my life and what not and let me first say, so much has been happening. 2014 has definitely been the busiest year of my life thus far - I started off 2014 in the freezing cold United States and studied/traveled for an incredible 2 months. I then returned to Melbourne for a short period of time before travelling out to the slightly less hustling and bustling country town of Bairnsdale, Victoria for a three week community pharmacy placement. It was a great experience and the highlight of the trip was definitely spending time with the other pharm girls. In particular, we discovered a family (of possibly 30 or more) guinea pigs in our back yard and failed horribly at catching crabs (and by fail, I mean, spending a good 30 minutes trying to attach a carcass bait to a crab net, only to see our carcass dislodge and go one way, and the net go the other way when we threw the net into the water. Even better, a pelican came by and consumed the carcass, WHOLE). I didn't completely enjoy the whole "dispense 300 prescriptions on your own daily" activity, but it did make my work days at the pharmacy go by quickly. Following the Bairnsdale placement and a short period of uni, I completed my final community and hospital placements. No more unpaid work... for now!

Final year has been a struggle particularly with juggling placements, internship applications and study. The hard work has definitely (and finally!) paid off though. I am so lucky to have been offered my dream internship at a hospital I've had my heart and mind set on ever since I started pharmacy. I feel so incredibly thankful and blessed to have such amazing people in my life who have supported me throughout all of the highs and lows over the past few years, in particular, during the stressful time of applications and interviews (when all I wanted to do was talk about pharmacy and eat my worries away). I honestly wouldn't have been able to achieve what I have without them. I am so excited to start in 2015 but at the same time, am a bit sad that the university days will be ending in a little bit over a week's time. The freedom we received throughout our university years is something I've probably taken for granted and working full-time seems a little daunting at this stage! But before I prepare myself to work for the rest of my life.....

I'm going overseas! (Again). To Thailand (for the first time)! And also maybe a quick re-visit to HK and Vietnam.

Holiday planning has been the epic source of my procrastination lately. It's so hard to focus on study when all you can think about is sipping cocktails whilst sunbathing on the beach. My friends and I have just finished booking all of the flights and accommodation for Thailand but if anyone has any suggestions on activities to do/meals to eat/places to go in Thailand, I'd really appreciate it! They say travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer, and my past experiences overseas have been an honest sentiment to this.

I'll leave this post with a sneak peak of my Thailand plans. I can't wait.

Bo Put, Ko Samui District, Surat Thani, Thailand
Photo credit to 蓝人 

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Product Review: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

*Not a food post*

Why, hello there reader(s)! September has been a hectic month for me with university work, placements and intern applications but I've finally found the time to fit in a quick blog post. I thought I'd be a little different today and talk about one of my favourite beauty products right now - the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette or "wardrobe" as they call it here in Australia. I'd been eyeing this for a while and my friend luckily grabbed me one from Barney's in New York whilst she was in the States! The bargain-hunter in me was patient enough to wait for one from the States, which retails at USD$58. In Australia, the palette retails for $86 and is available at Mecca & Mecca Maxima. Mecca recently decreased their prices for some products so it actually used to be $95 (hooray for their recent price changes).

This palette is my very first product from Hourglass and I believe it's pretty good value given that each of the ambient lighting powders are going for around AUD$59 each. So what is this product actually meant to do? The Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders are finishing powders that work to capture, diffuse and soften the way light is reflected on your skin. The photoluminescent technology allows harsh light to be filtered out and leaves your skin looking like it's photoshopped. The powder is extremely fine and feels very light on the skin. Hourglass is parabens & sulphate free so it's definitely suitable for sensitive skin.

For me, did the product really do what it had been so hyped-up to do? YES. YES. YES. I've been using this palette almost everyday since I got it and has become one of my holy grail beauty products. Here's a look at each of the shades in the palette:

Dim Light:
After evening events for example, clubbing, I often come home, looking at my face and wondering where all of my make up went. I'm pretty sure it just melts off my face... BUT after using the Dim Light powder, I've noticed it keeps everything in place. After a long day, I come home pleasantly surprised to see my make-up as fresh as it looked when I left in the morning. After the powder settles, its blurring effect is highly noticeable; leaving your complexion smooth, illuminated and poreless.

Incandescent Light: This shade is exclusive to the palette and is described as an opalescent pearl. I use this powder as a highlighter just on my cheek bones, along the top of my nose, in the middle of my forehead, my chin and just under my brows to illuminate my face and give it a little more dimension.

Radiant Light: This is my least used shade in the palette so far but probably because I don't know when to use it! For darker skin tones, it would be perfect as finishing powder and for more medium-toned skins, it supposedly gives a sun-kissed glow. I've used it in instances when my foundation has looked a little pale for my liking.

There is a specific Hourglass brush for these powders however I've found my Real Techniques Powder Brush works just fine.
Overall, I absolutely love this product and highly recommend it. I can guarantee that your make-up will stay on for much longer and will leave your skin looking naturally illuminated and poreless. I'm eagerly waiting to get my hands on the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette which is already available to VIB's from Sephora and will be hitting Australian Mecca stores on November 9th!!

Who needs Photoshop or Valencia when you have this?!

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Food Adventures: Jinda Thai

Jinda Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

The girls and I finally got around to trying Jinda Thai, which is hidden just off Victoria Street in Richmond. The restaurant looked completely different to what I was expecting! Jinda Thai was a spacious restaurant with ample seating, high ceilings and large windows which allowed plenty of natural sunlight to shine through. The menu was extensive and deciding on what to order was a struggle (the good kind of struggle though...if you know what I mean). However, getting our order in was the bad kind of struggle. The service was great at the start however seemed to decline as the crowds started creeping in.

Boat Noodles with Rice Stick Noodles (Large - $9.00)
I'd never even heard of 'boat noodles' but was keen to try the dish for the first time at Jinda Thai. With a choice of either a beef or pork based soup with a choice of noodle, I settled with the beef with rice stick noodles. The soup looked as though it would be quite thick and salty, however it was seasoned perfectly. Doing some further research I've learned that the soup is actually thickened with pig's blood. This may be a little disgusting to some, but not to me! Pig's blood is one of my favourite things to have with congee. :3 There was also a choice of 4 sauces (a mix of chillis and vinegars) to add to taste but I'm not too much of a sauce person so I added them very sparingly.

Pad Thai ($15.90) 

Green Curry Chicken ($14.90) with Coconut Rice. One word: spicy! (But that probably doesn't mean anything coming from me because I can't handle spice!)

Thai Iced Milk Tea - Good thing I had this deliciously sweet and refreshing drink to wash down the spices.

Pandan & Thai Milk Tea Crepe Cake ($8.50)
Now, we couldn't complete our meal without trying the Insta-famous crepe cake. Feeling gluttonous, we ordered both the Pandan and Thai Milk tea flavours. *Insert excited statement about how amazing this cake is*. Jokes! Okay, I am not sure if we were just unfortunate and got a bad batch but we really did not enjoy these as much as we had hoped. In fact, we couldn't manage to finish it! Instead of the light and fluffy texture I was expecting of this layered crepe cake, the cake had a (can't think of a more eloquent word) mushy and dense texture. It was kind of like eating play-doh..?!

In my opinion, the cake looks better than it tastes. I've heard a lot of positive things about the dessert so don't let my personal experience taint your own expectations - give it a try! Despite the slightly disappointing dessert, I thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Jinda. I will most likely look towards Jinda Thai the next time I am craving Thai food but probably will be giving dessert here a miss. 

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